Sunny day @ the Ranch

Well its another beautiful morning here on the ranch.. The sun is shining and the roosters are crowing.that  could only mean one thing.. Its time to start our day. with so many projects going on here I always forget to sit back with a glass of tea and reflect on how blessed we are. I hear so many people talk about how busy there lives are. and I think to myself, we lead very different lives you have a 9-5 job I have a sun up to sun down job. my poor husband works 2 full time jobs. our life here doesn't stop just because its 5 o'clock  we have farm animals that depend on us. for there food and water let alone there care. there is many nights where our dinner time is 9pm. because we just cant stop what we are doing when it comes to providing for our animals. this lifestyle is not for everybody, but me I wouldn't change it for the world...our daily lives are the same Monday through Sunday. when animals are living in confinement meaning coops, pens or cages. It is our job to make sure they are provided with everything they need. If one of our chickens dumps there water =, well they cant wait until you feel like doing it. it is something that must be tended to immediately. in my opinion farm life is very strenuous and time consuming. you will never have time to go take a long hot bubble bath. you might as well forget about your manicured nails. and vacation? what is that?? you just cant pack up and go away for the weekend. well atleast we can't. our animals are our pets as well as our livelihood. I'm not saying farm life is not glamorous, its just a different type of glamour. I don't need flowers or chocolates. I am very happy with the lifestyle we lead. I look around my farm and think, I have the worlds best husband. Look what he's has provided for me. granted we started out small until he purchased me my dream home. then after that it was like I was in paradise.. now we have our chickens, chicks being hatched daily, Bella the pig, my 3 goats and of course my 3 loving dogs. Building a farm is hard work but the reward is far more greater than the sacrifice.


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