Our Fodder System

So exciting. this week we started our new fodder system. the first batch is whole oats, which seem to be the most difficult to grow. well we are on day 3 and the root systems are doing great. Each on of the 80 I started are sprouting. Its a little slower than growing wheat or barley but it was worth a shot. the second batch we started was wild bird food. After doing some research it seems like a lot of people are using it and that it is a easy grower. There are many reasons to start a fodder system. But there a 3 main reasons that we started one.
1, We believe in feeding our animals all organic homegrown food. So having a fodder system keeps our animals eating fresh everyday, We don't have to worry about what chemicals were used. We know every step of the way how the food was grown and what was used on the them,
2 when you have a small farm I cant really say that a fodder would be beneficial but for us it is very beneficial. We are in a very bad drought right now in north Florida, we are having to water the grass twice daily to keep it growing for the animals. Having the fodder system will ease the tension on making sure that we water every inch of the farm. Granted having the fodder system doesn't mean we will stop watering the grass but we wont have to do it as much.
3, Having a rotating fodder system will help tremendously with feeding our 100 chickens, 3 goats and Bella  the Berkshire. We will never have to worry about not having grass for our animals to eat. Its an amazing feeling knowing that the food we grow not only feed us but our animals as well. If anybody has tried a different seed growing fodder, leave me a message. I am always looking for new things to try..


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