Our Farm Truck

Every farm needs a good farm truck, here at the4hearts ranch we debated a while on what kind of truck was best suitable for us. we didn't want to buy a new truck and using my truck was putting mileage and wear and tear on it. we looked at every website available and countless hours of research. just when I thought we had it narrowed down Tw says to me. "You know when I was in the military I drove a m1008 truck and they are amazing trucks".so that discussion flipped on a light switch in my head. so back to the drawing board I went. researching the truck all the specs and most important where to find one. let me tell you its no easy task to find a decent military truck. I must have spoke to a million people that month. yes you heard me that month. so I got creative instead of just looking in our state, which was minimal selections at best.I started researching different states which was great except for the fact that I wasn't thinking about. if I found a truck in a different state how was I getting it back here. now mind you I was trying to do this all without Tw knowing.. trust me that wasn't easy. especially when I knew nothing about these trucks. and the internet is great but you cant always find everything you need. so I was having to ask Tw questions in a way he wouldn't get suspicious. that was hard in itself. And a woman calling all over looking for a ex military truck I guess was weird for some people.well after calling all over the place I finally found Boyce equipment out of Ogden Utah. they were amazing guys. they knew exactly what wanted and had one on there lot. which was a blessing. then came the next question. my husband really wants troop seats in it. well I was crushed this truck did not have them back to square one I thought. but then Dallas said to me. give me a few days let me see what I can find.. well those few days were miserable. then my phone rings and I hear I found them..woohoo.my search is over. now was the time to start to find transportation to haul truck here. oh what a headache that was. Well finally found a transport company. ship you car now what a blessing.  Well after 6 days the truck was delivered, and I was so excited. I get to make one of my husbands dreams come true. The look on his face when get got home and this truck was sitting in the driveway was priceless. I can say this was the best decision. if you don't know much about military trucks you should research. it is amazing to own a piece of history. these trucks are built solid and made to last.


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