Changes @ the4heartsranch

Well there are big changes coming to the the4heartsranch. We are currently looking for a doe for buck. We originally got Bambi to be with Buck, but then when we rescued Miracle we decided to put them to together since they are the same size and they get along great together. Thankfully we made the new barn big enough so that we can divide the space for the four of them. The next step on the barn is to extend the electric fence to include the barn and the new paddocks for them. which we will be working on this weekend. Well now that all the new chicks have hatched and doing great, its finally time for us to add our turkeys to the flock. Another project is to build them a coop for bedtime, since we live in bear country all of our animals must have secure areas for them surrounded by hot wire. Co-existing is getting easier for me since we have installed the hot wire in all the animal areas and have alarms and cameras and unwelcome mats throughout the entire property. Its give me a little sigh of relief knowing that any wildlife that ventures onto the property has to get through a bunch of obstacles to get close to any of the animals. Plus the fact that because we are a working farm somebody is here 24 hours a day. You never know when one of your animals will need or want something. I wish more people would realize that having farm animals is a full time job!!!


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