Growing Food For The Farm

Lets discuss feed.

We do shop at a big box store for feed for our animals. But that is not there main food. We have several gardens around the farm. We are growing a large assortment of crops. There are certain vegetables that the goats eat but the pig and chickens wont. So we decided to expand our garden to include a source of food for our animals. we currently have 89 chickens, if you think about the cost of feed alone just for them. you would be broke in no time. We can only free range occasionally since we live in bear country and had to install electric fence to keep everybody safe. All the chickens have their own play yards for exercise and to be able to stretch their wings. They are all provided with their own little pools to play in. They get all the perks of 100% free range chickens. Plus they get fresh vegetables twice daily from the gardens. Bella our Berkshire pig is weighing in at about 525 pounds, so yes that would mean a larger feed bill just for her. But her feed is supplemented with fresh garden vegetables and leftovers from the kitchen. We are installing a fodder system this weekend to further help with the supplement for all the animals. The goats are doing an amazing job at clearing the under brush we have. it will be years before they have the entire property cleared. We have also started two new collard green gardens for them. Collard greens seem to be the favorite next to beets. So if you have animals why not start a garden, to  not only feed them but your family as well


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