Honey Do

As the days start to get longer, it seems like the list of projects to be completed gets even longer. Finish the barn and birthing house, build another chicken coop for 18 chicks we just hatched and so on. It seems like we get one thing done and seven are added back to the list.when I was younger we lived on a farm and I remember hearing my grandmother tell my grandfather you need to start on your honey do list, being young I thought she meant feeding the animals, cleaning the stalls etc. It wasn't until I got married, I realized that a honey do list, was a list over and above the normal everyday chores. With the list of chores we have to complete I have a few things that I want built. My husband says add it to the long list we already have. Well I thought about it for a few a days, wait a minute I thought, I remembered the honey do list. So next to the list we have hanging up I added another list. this one called honey do list. At first I was trying to think what I could put on this list. It stayed blank for a awhile, because I was adding everything to our needs completed list. It was  at that moment I remembered my grandmother stating a honey do list is  a list over and above the normal farm chores. Well I'll tell you from that moment on, it was like I couldn't stop writing. That honey do list grew and grew, and it seems like every since I divided the list more and more things are getting marked off. If there is one thing I can say about my grandmother, she knew how to get the honey do list complete. Its the small things we learn in life that mean the most..💜💙


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