Houdini The Life of A Broody Hen

Well this will the second time we let Houdini hatch eggs, the first time her and Goldie shared the job. until Beauregard was hatched a few days later and Houdini started pecking at him. so we moved her back to her coop .well this go around she kept stealing gingers eggs. So I decided lets let her try it again. I will say she is the best by far as far as sitting on eggs. The first one hatched and, she surprised me her mother instinct kicked in and she was doing a wonderful job teaching this little chick everything. The second one hatched today and Houdini turned back into the mean mom she was with Beauregard.so I decided to take this fresh hatched chick wrap her in a blanket, with my heating pad to keep it warm. Go get my tote setup that we use as a brooder in my office of course, it was a hard decision to make since we believe in letting mother do the job herself. but then you come to that time when you have to make a decision. You have to decide what is the best option for the situation at hand, well thankfully we were prepared for this. since we grew out 42 Rhode  island reds in my office. What's a few more. Part of this is our fault since we didn't keep 100% count on the eggs. But there's always that glimmer of hope that this time will be better. With that being said I have decided that I will continue to let Houdini sit on the eggs, but once they are hatched I will take over. Lesson Learned,


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