Productive weekend @the4heartsranch

Well its been a long weekend here @the4heartsranch. We have had 7 baby chicks hatch so far. Since Houdini has 9 more eggs she is sitting on. I have moved the chicks to the brooder in  my office. It is a lot easier with these 7 in the brooder last time we used the brooder in my office was for the 42 Rhode island Reds. Sigh of relief with this small amount. Buck, Bambi and Miracle are doing great. Be sure to check out our you tube page to watch there growth. Be sure to check out Instagram pictures uploaded daily. The chickens out back are doing great. Egg production has tripled since the reds have started laying. I actually sold 40 Dozen eggs on Saturday. Which is great especially since we are averaging 23-30 dozen a week.  We have started our new fodder system for all the farm animals. If you don't have a fodder system, you really should try it. It takes minimal work and the rewards are amazing. A 50 pound bay of oats will give us 600 pounds of fodder. If you do the math, that saves a bunch on feed. And with having this many animals and the fact that we feed all organic homegrown feed,and  you can grow fodder year round. So that's a year round savings. We also grow vegetable gardens to supplement our animals feed.
We started working on the barn again. Tw decided we should stain the outside of the barn. Granted we used pressure treated wood but in the Florida heat he thought we should prolong the life of the barn. I have to admit I was a little skeptical about staining it. But I must admit it looks great. (yes honey you were right) Tw and Bri started getting the rafters installed and ready for the new roof to go up. This has been a slow process, but since Tw works a fulltime job off the property and a fulltime job here on the ranch. Its give and take.
But if you live on a farm you understand!!


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