Beautiful Wednesday

Well it's a beautiful Wednesday here on the ranch. The  is shining bright. Animals are all fed and gardens are watered. The new fodder system is doing amazing, much better than I thought since oats are one of the hardest and slowest to grow. But hey if you don't try it you will never know. It's all about trial and error. Half the week is already gone and I have so many chores to complete. The front garden needs weeded and I have to transplant a bunch of vegetables into the back garden.This years garden is going a little slower than normal. Since we moved the farm to North Florida, the soil here is a lot different than what we are used to. Much more Sandy. So we had to till up all the garden spots and add nutrients to the sand as well as  compost. Since everything is doing so well I decided it was time  to start more seed trays out in the screen room, which we turned into my garden room. I know lucky me!!  On a good note  we have been selling so much jams and jellies that I will be spending all day Thursday making jelly  and canning it. I enjoy making any homemade food. Warms the soul knowing that what you are feeding your family is all natural..

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