Our Sunday

Well its a typical Sunday morning here at the ranch. dogs out to potty at 630 am. then its off to make Bella her slop, and then to the feed trailer to get her crunchies and the chickens feed. while the chickens are being done its time to get the goats out. buck has to come out first, to go into his yard. since the kids are much smaller than him  we have to keep them separated, one  the goats are out its time for miracle to have his bottle, he is getting to be such a big boy I think he plays with his bottle most of the time, but I still offer it to him. I cant believe how big they have all gotten. We had to build a jungle gym for the little kids in there area, because they were jumping and climbing on everything. The chicks we hatched are now 3 weeks old and they get to come out everyday to the nursery for the day. it is so cute to watch them stretch there wings and chest bump.. when my day gets a little hectic I come up and watch them play...

So exciting. the roof on the barn was started yesterday. My husband decided to add more braces and rafters. why? because he has decided to do a wood roof with shingles, so that he can add a second story to the barn. I know what your thinking! Second story for storage... No second story for a hi rise sitting area. Usually I go against his idea of adding a second story to anything.. but this time I decided to agree. Reason Him and our oldest have been working so hard to complete the chores that we have started, and they are doing a great job. so why not give in and let them have one thing.. Its a give and take kinda day..

With Tomorrow being Memorial Day I might not get a chance to blog. But would like to Thank all the Soldiers for there service. Past, Present and Future.

A special thanks to my husband for his service and to our oldest who is heading off to Basic Training.

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