Farm Update.

Well we finally got some of the much needed rain yesterday, unfortunately it came with a 8 hour tornado watch.. Thankfully we just got the wind and rain part of it.. The gardens absolutely loved the rain. I woke up this morning to blooms everywhere. Our Cucumber plants are blossoming and I already picked two off. All I can say was Yum. The fodder system is doing awesome, we already took a small one out just to see what the chickens thought of it.. in about a week I will be able to pull more and do a video showing the 🐔 enjoying it. We started another batch of seed since whole oats is so hard to grow. I am getting excited and impatient waiting, all I keep thinking about is the savings on our feed bill...The new baby chicks are getting so big, they are now 3 weeks old and they are getting there own personalities. Chest bumping and all. I decided  that I was going to keep all of them, since I can't decide which ones to keep.. unless of course one turns out to be a roo. Since we have 4 🐓's. In my mind 4 are plenty.. But then again I have Off. Obsessive chicken disorder. 😂


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