Its That Time Of Year

If ya'll are anything like me, you have chick fever right about now. You cannot go to any big box farm store or feed store without seeing baby chicks. I like to say I have ocd. Obsessive Chicken Disorder. You can decide long before you step into the store that you are not getting anymore chicks. and once you walk in its like a magnet you must go and see what breeds they have. first you oohh then you aahh. there so cute. next thing you know your hooked  and heading to the register with a box or two in your hands.  I'm not judging. I'm speaking from experience.. my husband and I went the last month to get feed and a few other things, and as soon as I walked to the door. there was the sign.. CHICK DAYS. Yes we walked around the whole store avoiding that area. then my husband decided to go look at something and before I knew it I was standing there looking at hundreds of baby chicks. Knowing my husband as well as I do, before I could even whimper anything he said no more chicks..   knowing me I proceeded to drop my bottom lip like a two-year old, gave him sad eyes and walked away. well it worked I went to look at the clothing they had and I hear my name. Why is my husband calling me? He knows where I am. so I reluctantly go find him. and to my surprise he hands me a box. yes I said it a box. and inside that box were 6 black star. So now our flock count is
4 roosters
40 Rhode island reds
1 Americuana
1 Buff Orpington
1 bantam
1 Dominque
6 Black Star
2  two-day old Rhode Island Reds (Hatched here on the farm)
And two broody sitting on 8 eggs
Husband says no more chicks!! Never said I couldn't hatch them here on the farm


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