What A Week

Well y'all its been a very busy crazy week.. With all the rain we have been having, the weeds and grass need maintenance. Cleaning the coops in a downpour was fabulous.. Poor Buck our Nigerian dwarf goat was not feeling well. At first though it was a case of bloat so I immediately started treating for that. Though he was doing better. but on Tuesday, he was crying again and he couldn't urinate. so I immediately called the vet.. Well sometimes life throws us curve balls. the vet gave me two options one was surgery and the other I wont even say.. Well those options were not good enough for me. Thankfully for google and YouTube we were able to come up with a third option.. Mind you we are not vets and don't claim to be.. But what we are , are people who love our livestock.. yes our animals are working animals but that doesn't mean I will let any suffer. So after about a hour of research we found our option 3.. I wont go into details, because it is a little graphic.. But the procedure we decided to try was to snip off the tip of his pizzle. With the symptoms he had we concluded that our Buck had urinary calculi..(kidney stones). Well it has been 3 days and all of his functions are perfect.. Cant say what we did is for everybody, but when your given options that just don't sit right with you.. You do what you have to..


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