Sunday Funday

Well I will start of by saying Happy fathers day to all dads.

Well the rain finally gave us a small break. now its time to see what we can get accomplished before the rain sets back in this afternoon. So many chores to do. I started new seeds I the screen green house. which will give me time to till up the new garden spot. The torrential rain we have been having has caused havoc on our cucumbers. thankfully I was able to can some and still have a bit in the fridge. We still have to install the roof on the barn. My goats are ready to be moved to there house.  speaking of goats buck is doing amazing.. such a happy day..

It seems like my list of chores to complete is getting longer since the rain is here everyday. I am adjusting to a weird rainy season. but then again our weather has been weird for a while. As much as we needed this rain, I am truly ready for a few days break. I just mowed on Friday and 3 days of rain and it looks like I haven't touched it. The goats are great at keeping there area mowed down, but the weeds are growing faster than I can pull them.. I will say one thing about the rainy days, it is giving us more family time, yes we do have family time but it usually entails us completing a chore or two. It has been nice just to sit as a family and chat while watching the rain.. Its the small things that make life complete..


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